“Wherever there is need, may there be an antidote to suffering.” 

Lama Khandro

"The first time I saw you speak at Christ Church of Peace in Jacksonville, I wasn't sure what to expect but I was curious. I had been hearing about how meditation can help with focus, depression and anxiety so I wanted to find out more. Just so happened that you were to give a talk on that very subject. I remember feeling very comforted by your demeanor: you had a confidence in what you were sharing making implicit trust incredibly easy. I was on the edge of my seat holding on to your every word because I think I realized I needed to hear it and was ready to receive it. I needed to hear that my ego is not me and I can overcome my attachment to it. The highlight of the talk was when you spoke on guilt. You said that there is no word for guilt in the Tibetan language, because they do not see a need for it. It is useless and shall remain nameless. I have battled my life under a blanket of guilt, cause unknown. Hearing you say that guilt does not even exist in a language, in a culture, was the impetus for my own healing journey. I am forever grateful and will not ever forget it. Or you. Thank You, thank you, thank you."

Leigh G. - Jackonville, Florida 

Service to Others

Lama Khandro is a licensed Residental Medical Caregiver who has facilitated the independence of individuals with disabilities in a group home setting.  Lama also has coached the Equestrian Team for the Special Olympics. 


Lama preformed a sacred land consecration as requesed by the Department of Defense for the benefit of the Buddhist tradition at the new National Cemetery in Florida.

Interfaith Ambassador

Lama Khandro held a seat on the Interfaith Council of Jacksonville 2009-2013. Hosting Comparitive Religion classes and guest speaking at many group studies and reading groups. Fostering interfaith understanding through dialogue and experience. 


Lama completed Clinical Pastoral Education at Baptist Hospital Jacksonville Florida. She is regularly called to serve in hospitals and hospice care facilities. Lama is specally trained in trauma and end of life transitions. 


Lama has spoken on behalf of the ACLU regarding gender equality efforts within Buddhist tradtion.  Lama participates in World AIDS Week events and memorial services in remembrance and honor. 

Animal Blessings

Blessing animals with the power of mantra ensures a favorable rebirth.  Lama makes sure part of every visit is dedicated to the students and their animal companion. She has blessed the residents at the Catskill and Woodstock animal sanctuaries. 

Children’s Programs

Buddhist concepts can be challenging for even the most studious of adults. Lama Khandro introduces the basics of the tradition directly to the children using methods of play, song, story, and dialogue. Lama consults with guardians and parents on ways to bring the family into ones personal practice.

Prison Visitation

Lama has done chaplaincy work in several institual settings.  She is sometimes requested by an ill prisoner or to give refuge (the ceremony by which one formally becomes a Buddhist).  Lama has been in the maximum security prison setting to serve in the Buddhist tradition.