Medicine Buddha / Chinresik Guided Puja

Individual, Couple or Group

Retreat Time: 2 hour session per puja

This fully guided and chanted puja is intended to fully immerse the practitioners with the rich visualizations of each deity.  The explanation of how to visualize is found within the activity of this sadana.  The hope is that practitioners will begin to tie the visualizations and chanting together in these popular pujas.  Open to all.

The Healing Waters of Sangye Menla: The Medicine Buddha

Group Healing Practice

Retreat Time: one session or full weekend healing intensive

The practice of Medicine Buddha chanted together is a powerful aspiration for personal healing.  Medicine Buddha or Sangye Menla is a renown practice enumerated by the Ven. Thrangu Rinpoche in his book and can be practiced in group sessions without prior experience.  Traditional texts will be provided for the session.  Rinpoche's excellent book maybe purchased wherever Dharma books are sold.

Spiritual Companions: A Couples Retreat

Tailored to Each Couple’s Needs

A mindfulness based retreat focusing on the ebb and flow of relationships along the Path.  We may not always be on the same page as our family or loved ones.  This retreat is for everyone.  A pre-retreat session is required to gain some familiarity with some of the obstacles and goals you perceive to be worked on in retreat with Lama.  This is an excellent retreat for mixed-religion couples or family units struggling for overall clarity on Buddhist teachings and family life.  All family configurations are welcome.

The Power of Aspiration 

Group or Individual Half-Day Retreat or Coaching Session

What you think matters, especially if it’s an aspiration you really would like to have happen.  No matter how small it may be, it sets up a pattern for the future. We go deeply into our own power to aspire for things, events, and feelings. Clarify and tone our own aspirations giving wholeheartedly to the concept that you could change the world around you. This is a positivity session for finding what you really want and asking for it.  This is how your world changes.

Kids and Caretakers

Mindful Engagement, Families

Retreat guided accorded to age, activity level, and need of the group. 

Play in the NOW with your child.  Active forms of play and meditation with a focus on mindful awareness will be practiced in this fast-moving retreat for the young and young at heart.  Guided meditations alongside interactive sharing and caring.  Stress management meditations for school and home will be a focus for part of this one or two day retreat.

Shrines Big and Small

Personalized Public Talk on Interfaith Understanding

Alters or Shrines can often seem mysterious and shrouded with deep cultural symbology.  Lama explains this offering of generosity and devotion, breaking the barriers that may be keeping you from exploring this path of practice.  Lama has designed many home shrines and meditation rooms steeped in the Buddhist tradition for students based upon their individual inclinations.

Breathing, Creating, Being: Calligraphy Retreat

Schools, Interfaith, Private Sessions

Retreat Time: from 1 hour to half-day

Journey into the creation and completion of the alive art of Asian calligraphy.  No experience is needed for this meditative practice.  We will work on letting go of outcomes and conditions that hinder creativity.  We will simplify the stroke by clearing out the clutter of our own conceptual mind.